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Exposing Secret Connections

March 20 2019 · 19:00 · State Studio · Haupstr 3, 10827 Berlin
In anticipation of #DNL15 DARK HAVENS

In our first community meetup of the year, we invite you to join us for an introduction to the 2019 program of the Disruption Network Lab, ‘The Art of Exposing Injustice’, in cooperation with Transparency International.

On this night we kick off the exploration around our first event of the year, Dark Havens: Confronting Hidden Money & Power (5-6 April 2019, Studio 1, Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien), which focuses on the issues of financial corruption and tax havens and the informational, political, technological and artistic response to such topics.

We will hear from two Berlin-based initiatives, Transparency International Deutschland e. V. and Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland how they work on opening up data and increasing transparency in the fight against corruption.

Program - Starting from 19:00:

Introduction to the 2019 program ‘The Art of Exposing Injustice’ and the Activation program by the Disruption Network Lab team

Input from Transparency Germany on how they work on financial transparency and whistleblowing. Transparency Germany is the national chapter of Transparency International, the global network leading the fight against corruption including more than 100 established national chapters. Transparency Germany’s aim is to raise public awareness about the harmful consequences of corruption and to strengthen integrity systems. A key element is their work with volunteers: thematically organized groups serve as forums for the exchange of information and the development of new positions and demands.

Input from Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e. V. on their recently launched initiative to open up company registration data, Together with OpenCorporates, they make information from the German company register accessible as open data. For the first time, data such as the registered office, legal form and authorised representatives of 5.1 million German companies, foundations and associations are openly and freely available on the Internet. Linking international company data with data from the Panama and Paradise Papers can be of great help for investigative journalists when they investigate international cases of money laundering and corruption.

Drinks and networking. You are warmly invited to join us, share your thoughts and find out more about how to get involved - entrance is free.Our meetups take place at STATE Studio, a public gallery, showroom and event space in Berlin-Schöneberg. It’s a place for creative synergies between science, art, and innovation to discover and explore the breakthrough developments that shape our future.

Read more:

Mehr Transparenz von Unternehmensdaten – OpenCorporates veröffentlicht eine neue Datenbank (Transparency Deutschland)
Finally: Open Company Data! (Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland)

Diving Deeper into Data

April 17 2019 · 19:00 · State Studio · Haupstr 3, 10827 Berlin
Following up #DNL15 DARK HAVENS

More info soon!

Disruption Network Lab ACTIVATION Programme

Digital Rights Activism & Social Advocacy

During the year, we connect with Berlin-based activists, communities and initiatives to share skills and create new tools to fight digital injustice. In regular meetups around our main events we invite you to join us and hear from others how they are working on social, political and cultural change in the fields of our conference topics.

Everyone interested is welcome to provide their input to our ongoing activities and research: the meetups will be a mixture of open discussions, small workshops and short input presentations. They provide you the opportunity to get involved with our topics before each conference, dive deeper into it after the event itself, and to connect with the each other on a regular basis.

Our meetups take place at STATE studio, a participatory gallery space for science and art in Berlin-Schöneberg where public discussion of current, socially relevant developments in scientific research and their impact on society is stimulated.

The results of our exchange feed into the final Disruption Network Lab event of the year, the November community gathering, where we look back together at all topics in connection to the community-based initiatives and activist approaches that we discussed throughout the year. Through bringing examples of direct social and cultural community work into a collective discussion, we aim to spark inspiration that alternative ways of intervening in society are possible and accessible for everyone interested to join, and activate people to join us in the fight against digital injustice.