INFILTRATION: Challenging Supremacism #DNL14 · September 2018

A journey inside right wing extremism and supremacist ideology to provoke direct change.

HATE NEWS: Manipulators, Trolls & Influencers #DNL13 · May 2018

Investigating online opinion manipulation, strategic hate speech and misinformation – and their impact on civil rights.

TERROR FEEDS: Inside the Fear Machine #DNL12 · November 2019

An analysis of ISIS and its media strategy, the meaning of cyber jihad, and why people enroll as foreign fighters.

PRISONERS OF DISSENT: Locked Up for Exposing Crimes #DNL11 · May 2017

Whistleblowers and truth-tellers persecuted for blowing the whistle, critical thinkers and activists meet to discuss countermeasures to detention and repression.

TRUTH-TELLERS: The Impact of Speaking Out #DNL10 · November 2016

Can we trust the sources and can the sources trust us? Hacktivists, privacy advocates, investigative journalists, artists and researchers reflect on the consequences of leaking and whistleblowing from a political, cultural and technological perspective.

IGNORANCE: The Power of Non-Knowledge #DNL9 · October 2016

Artists, scientists, researchers, activists and journalists present and discuss ways and strategies to explore, unveil and unmake ignorance and its political, legal and social uses in everyday life.

DEEP CABLES: Uncovering the Wiring of the World #DNL8 · June 2016

Hackers, engineers, investigative journalists, writers, researchers, artists and activists unveil how the Internet really works, how it is secretly structured, and in which way interlinked land and undersea network cables influence our political, cultural and everyday life.

BOTS: Tracking Systems of Control #DNL7 · April 2016

Investigating the dark side of bot usage, the issues of surveillance, tracking and whistleblowing.

STUNTS: Distributed, Playful and Disruptive #DNL6 · December 2015

Artists, hackers, mythmakers and disrupters present and discuss political stunts, interventions, pranks and viralities.

PORNTUBES: Sharing the Explicit #DNL5 · October 2015

Porn practitioners, sex worker activists, entrepreneurs and critical thinkers discuss disruptions in online porn and erotica, from tube sites and webcams to crowdsourcing.

SAMIZDATA: Tactics and Strategies for Resistance #DNL4 · September 2015

Analysing tactics and strategies of resistance connected with the Snowden affair in physical and digital life, this conference event brings together hackers, artists and critical thinkers, who apply and work on the concept of social justice from different angles. T

A GAME OF YOU: Into the Social Media Vortex #DNL3 · August 2015

#GamerGate, Technovikings & Smart Media as a Psychedelic Webcomic - survival in the wild torrents of our digital lives.

CYBORG: Hacktivists, Freaks and Hybrid Uprisings #DNL2 · May 2015

Hackers, cyberfeminists, (trans)gender activists, artists and transhumanists expose power structures embedded in technology and everyday life.

DRONES: Eyes From a Distance #DNL1 · April 2015

On Drone-Systems and their Strategies. Meet a former U.S. drone operator, investigative journalists, activists, filmmakers and international experts on drone warfare