Keynote: Abdalaziz Alhamza, Aaron Y. Zelin, Heba Y. Amin, Terror Feeds, Nov 2017, Berlin

Keynote: John Kiriakou, Magnus Ag, Prisoners of Dissent, May 2017, Berlin

Keynote: Mustafa Al Bassam, Gabriella Coleman, Truth-Tellers, Nov 2016, Berlin

Keynote: Brandon Bryant. DRONES (April 17, 2015, Berlin)

Disruption Network Lab

Disruption Network Lab is an ongoing platform of events and research focused on art, hacktivism and disruption. The Laboratory takes shape through a series of conference events at Studio 1, Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin. The goal is to present and generate new possible routes of social and political action within the framework of hacktivism, digital culture and information technology, focusing on the disruptive potential of artistic practices. The Disruption Network Lab is a conceptual and practical zone where artists, hackers, networkers, activists, whistle-blowers and critical thinkers enter into a dialogue. The programme is developed through artistic presentations, theoretical debates and keynote events. This series of events establishes local and translocal partnerships with other spaces and institutions. Directed by Tatiana Bazzichelli.



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